Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A is for Apple

What I am MOST proud of lately, is my deciding to do an Alphabet book for children using fruits and veggies. Here's the letter "A", in all her glory. Slow start, but hoping to pick up speed soon.

Shoes & Clothing for Children

a cute idea I played with while in school. Saved these sketches from the bunch.


A new style I fiddled with for a while... and then decided I didn't like. Salvaged this cute sketch-


a drawing I started a long time ago and recently rediscovered! I'm thinking of trying a new coloring method with her...

three little kittens

I had a wild thought one day to pounce on the story "The Three Little Kittens". You know, who lost their mittens? Needless to say, I abandoned the idea for now, but saved this one sketch I liked.

Baggie & Ben

A children's book I've been picking away at for a while now... these are some preliminary sketches.