Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Older Pieces

This is a style I was experimenting with a couple months back, thought I'd post them just because. :)


kt_kthx said...

Hey darlin'! Thanks, it's awesome to hear I'm inspiring others!!

I sell my books back to Longfellow Books on Congress street, it's down near Henry VIII's and David's restaurant. If you sign up with them for their points system it kind of works like Bullmoose, you can either get store 'points' or instant cash. And usually the store points are worth more. So I let my points build up and when I want a new book I use some of my points towards it! It's awesome. All you do to sign up is give them your phone number. They are super friendly there!

adrienne trafford said...

these are all very cool and beautiful - have you made paper dolls? i'm trying that - it's fun

kt_kthx said...

Aww, thank you Amie! Watercolor is much fun. I enjoy the salt technique you taught me, I'm trying to use it where it works best. <3

And I agree with Adrienne, you should totally make some paper dolls. I'll show you a way that someone else does it, it's easy you'll like it!

kt_kthx said...

Thanks Amie! I hope to see you even after you're out of school. Keep in touch!