Thursday, March 11, 2010

greeting cards

i'm working on a new project at the moment... it's a line of greeting cards centering around sweets! i have a couple other drawings sketched out, but not colored yet. i'm not sure how they'll lay on the card itself, and the writing... but i'm sure i'll get there. anyway... enjoy.

EDIT: i didn't really like the whole texture thing... i wanted something cleaner and simpler. so here we go!


J.Shea said...

great idea- people are always looking for cards. Cute illustration!

Amanda Begins said...

I love it! I like cards that are blank inside too, that way they're multi-purpose. :)

M.C.Walker said...

I loved this and ur flowers so much I used them as your link banner on my blog. :D
>_> ps could u change the link u have for me on here. i delected that account awhile ago.